About the School

St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School in Watertown, MA is a private preschool through elementary school dedicated to educational excellence in an environment rich in Armenian Culture. Since it was established in 1984, the school has distinguished itself with its Armenian character, academic strength, devoted staff and low student-to-teacher ratio. The school is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England AISNE.

The St. Stephen's Armenian Preschool, in addition to its accreditation by AISNE, is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and strictly follows the department's regulations and policies. The St. Stephen's Armenian Preschool continues to maintain its status as a high quality bilingual preschool in the region.

Mission and Goals

The St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School is a child-centered American-Armenian Institution committed to academic excellence. At the preschool level, the curriculum nurtures the whole child, developing skills in the Armenian language. At the Elementary level, the core curriculum subjects are taught in English. The Armenian language, religion & history are taught in Armenian, with an emphasis on creating awareness and instilling an appreciation of Armenian culture & traditions.

St. Stephen’s creates opportunities to promote student self-esteem and encourage student leadership by developing a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation, and respect for others.

St. Stephen’s works toward creating a climate of learning that encourages risk and exploration. Acknowledging that students acquire knowledge in various learning styles and that rates of maturation differ among students, St. Stephen’s provides for these individual differences and learning styles.

These goals are accomplished by:

  1. Stimulating students’ interests in discussions that are challenging and thought-provoking.
  2. Applying current classroom management techniques to establish a productive learning environment.
  3. Providing a variety of instructional materials, as well as innovative and enriching programs to enhance learning in the classroom.
  4. Developing positive interpersonal relationships, teacher to teacher, teacher to student, student to student, as well as teacher to parent.
  5. Fostering a sense of fairness, respect, responsibility and courtesy.
  6. Creating a connection between Armenian and American cultures.

The St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School strives to maintain high academic standards for its curriculum and endeavors to educate the whole child in a nurturing and friendly environment where learning is an enjoyable experience.



General Responsibilities

  • Serves as the chief administrator of the school and upholds the mission and values of the school.
  • Maintains, implements, creates as needed, and ensures adherence to school policies and procedures.
  • Manages the day to day operations of the school.
  • Keep records, communications, and information confidential, and use appropriate discretion in sharing information.
  • Develops and manages the after school enrichment program and late stay.
  • Manages, maintains, and implements recommendations as part of the AISNE school accreditation process.
  • Maintains health and safety protocols.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as needed.


Instruction and Supervision

  • In coordination with the Curriculum Coordinator and Education Committee, reviews both English and Armenian curricula.
  • Interviews, hires, and onboards new staff members.
  • Supervises, collaborates with, and supports the Preschool Director.
  • Evaluates directors, administrative staff, and teachers.
  • Conducts faculty meetings in coordination with the curriculum coordinator


School - Community Outreach

  • Communicates and enforces all policies and procedures as they align with the philosophy of the school for students, staff, and parents.
  • Communicates and/or attends meetings with all school committees, including the School Board of Directors, Education Committee, and Health Committee.
  • Fosters a strong connection between the school, parents, and the wider community, including attendance at community events.
  • Prepares a variety of communications for parents, the church, and the greater Armenian Community.
  • Fosters and upholds a positive relationship with neighboring school communities, in particular a close collaboration with the Watertown Public Schools and AISNE Member Schools.
  • Organizes and facilitates school-wide community functions, including Christmas and end of year ceremonies and events.
  • Cultivates relationships with prospective benefactors to the school.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Master's Degree in Education
  • Experience in administration, as well as curriculum and instruction
  • Minimum of 10 years relevant experience



  • Competitive salary
  • Coverage for Health and Dental Insurance
  • 403(B) plan with match


How to Apply

Candidates interested in the position should submit the following materials as soon as possible.

  • Cover Letter and Resume
  • Statement of educational leadership philosophy
  • Three letters of recommendation

Please send your resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



47 Nichols Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472

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