Dear SSAES Families,

Your patience over the course of this summer is appreciated as we have worked assiduously to develop our initial reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Our goal is to maximize in-person learning for all students while keeping the health and safety of our students and staff paramount. We are immensely grateful for our team of dedicated and committed educators who have worked with us to create the best plan possible as well as our tireless volunteers on the Education Committee, the Task Force, the Health Committee, the Technology Committee and our administration.

The Elementary School Reopening: After looking at the space limitations in the elementary school, and reviewing the recommendations from the CDC, DESE, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the SSAES Task Force, we concluded we could not safely accommodate all students and staff on the elementary campus every day. In a survey administered earlier this summer, 68% of the parents indicated that they preferred in-person learning, while 32% preferred remote. We will be offering a Hybrid Plan that blends the best of in-person and remote learning for grades K-5 as well as a Remote Only Plan. Specifics of the Hybrid Plan are delineated in the video linked below. Families who choose to have their child to attend school just remotely will have the option to do so and the details of the Remote Only Plan can also be found in the video below.

Health and safety processes and protocols will be implemented throughout the school, including daily attestation of health, social distancing, and masks.

In addition to nightly cleaning, cleaning will occur constantly throughout the day using enhanced cleaning protocols. We have procured cleaning supplies in accordance with CDC guidelines and have established daily cleaning protocols for classrooms. High touch areas will be cleaned multiple times per day. We have attached health and the logistical protocols below.

Kindergarten Reopening: As the kindergarten classroom is large enough to maintain six feet of social distancing, kindergartners will meet in person four days a week and remotely on one day.

The Preschool Reopening: Due to the small class size and the physical facility, the Preschool will be able to open in person, full time, five days a week, with advanced cleaning and protocols in compliance with EEC regulations.

First Day of School: The first day of school in both the Preschool and the Elementary School will be Monday, September 14th. The Preschool and Kindergarten will attend school half days that week.

In the Elementary School, students will attend orientation sessions on grade-specific days the week of September 8-11 with their new teachers. Students in both the Hybrid Plan and the Remote Only Plan will begin school on September 14th.

We invite you to submit your questions about any aspect of the plans using this survey link below. These questions will be answered during a ZOOM meeting with parents on Friday, August 21st at 7:00pm. Questions must be submitted by Wednesday, August 19. After the ZOOM meeting, parents will receive a link to make your learning model decision as to which plan (Hybrid or Remote Only) they will select for their child. All decisions must be submitted by Monday, August, 24th.

Finally, as the situation with the COVID-19 virus changes, so will our plans. Our detailed planning and preparation allows us to seamlessly shift to either 100% in-person instruction or 100% remote learning, as COVID-19 guidelines change. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as our plans must continually evolve and adapt to specific situations, and incorporate CDC and State mandated guidelines that are beyond our control.

Houry Boyamian, M.Ed.


Reopening Plan Questions